22 March 2012

Quiet Reflection

I finally got myself an iPhone and I am getting to know the camera. Here's my first attempt, taking a picture of The Blogger in the house having a quiet cuppa.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Hope you enjoy the iphone and get lots of use out of it.......

  2. A quiet cuppa after I had just returned from a 10k, 2 hour walk in the wet forest with the U3A walking for fitness group.

  3. Great shot of Diane, enjoy your new phone.

  4. THEY are great Billy B., and as The Blogger has commented iPhones be used for just about anything.

    E-mails, as a calculator, paying bills, reading newspapers online from any neck of the woods, checking the stock market (minute by minute if u want), booking hotels/motels, sending text messages when you DON'T want to talk to someone -- and then, of course, as a camera.

    We're just back in Victoria after a 4800 km car odyssey into the Northern Territory and outback Sth. Aust. Took heaps of photos in those 2 1/2 weeks from ground level and also from helicopters during 2 30-min. flites:-

    1/. above Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), and;
    2/. above King's Canyon, Carmichael's Crag and the huge Peterman Pound.

    Everywhere spectacularly green after constant rain the likes of which the locals said they'd not seen for 30 years.

    Keep firing with the iPhone Billy B. Chances are some of our Qld. compatriots, still labouring in the 1960s as Sir Roderick Hard succinctly pointed out on a neighbouring blog, might eventually join us as the 21st century rolls on.

    We're going to purchase the newest version of the iPad this week.

  5. I wouldn't bother Richard. Just been to DJs to have a good look at the new version and I can't for the life of me see any picture quality difference between our iPad2 and the new one and G4 will never work on it as claimed by Apple. This one I'm afraid is just hype, not worth the extra money. The sales consultant quiety agreed with me.


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