27 March 2012

Photos from our Trip to Switzerland in 2009

My school friend Roland sent me these pictures he took of our traveling group in 2009 on the Lake of Thun in Switzerland. You might remember reading about it on Diane's blog after we returned to Oz.

They are great memory shots and I thank Roland for them.

So here they are:
We're disembarking from a trip on the famous Paddlesteamer DS Blümlisalp
where we had lunch during a cruise on the Lake of Thun.

To see more of the DS Blümlisalp, watch the video at the end.

While in Thun, Roland organised for us to climb into the Church Tower to
inspect the bells we used to ring on Sundays during our high school days.

Diane and friend Helen posed in the castle yard with the Aussie Flag.

This is the statue of Fuhlehung, the court jester who terrorises the
children of Thun during a weekend in September every year.
You need to be from Thun to appreciate that.

Diane and Paul waiting for dinner at the Hotel Seegarten in Spiez.




Roland organised a few of the other school mates to come and meet with us
while we were in Spiez.

Diane's late brother David and his wife Ann came over from London
so spend a week with us in Spiez on the Lake of Thun.

Helen and Carol during lunch on the DS Blümlisalp on the Lake of Thun.
Carol also flew in from London to be with us.

Paul, Carol and Bill admiring the steam engine on the DS Blümlisalp.
Roland even convinced the Captain of the vessel to let me go down
into the engine room to film, something which is not usually allowed.

Diane and Helen in the port of Interlaken on the DS Blümlisalp.

The traveling group: (f.l.t.r)
Helen, Diane, Paul, Bill and Carol

(All pictures by Roland)

To see more of this fabulous Paddlesteamer including the engine room, watch this short video below:

(Film by Bill Bohlen)


  1. Not sure if I like the black background Bill! Annj

  2. Ann and Colin, Your displeasure of the colour of my blog noted! Next time I'll change back, just for you two.


  3. Schöne Bilder. Gratuliere! Leider beherrsche ich die englische Sprache nicht. Trotzdem habe ich verstanden, dass du in Thun gelebt hast. Stadt, "Fulehund" und Blüemlisalp sind mir natürlich auch bekannt, aber das "Trämeli" gibt es leider nicht mehr.


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