05 February 2012

We have a visitor from Switzerland

We have a visitor from Switzerland, Silvana is the granddaughter of a school friend of mine. So what better chance than to show off Brisbane. We took a trip into town yesterday starting off with a trip on a City Cat and ending up on Mount Coot-tha for a cup of coffee.


  1. I like it. Learning a new program is good for your brain. I just read an article about it.

  2. Very good Bill and also Diane.
    Some young fellow is going to be one day a very
    lucky fellow. Silvana looks and I am sure is a most charming
    young lady.
    Colin (HB)

  3. Bill; this film is very good; It shows off well Brissi! Well done. T♥

  4. I read about your visitor on Diane's blog, and no of course we don't use Dollars, I converted it for those who don't know what a Euro is ! Believe it or not, but it exists !!

  5. Wow Brissie is a nice place - glad I live here, I think.


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