10 February 2012

Lamington National Park

We took a trip up to O'Reilley's in the Lamington National Park, with our Swiss visitor, Silvana, who is moving on to Surfers Paradise on Sunday. It was a very pleasant day out.

No doubt Diane will write more about it on her blog ADVENTURE BEFORE DEMENTIA

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  1. Move over Cecil B de Mille, BB is taking over.
    Great video Bill.
    That swinging bridge looks far more secure that the swinging one that was once across the Mape River at Butaweng, Finschhafen.
    Now I believe just hanging from both sides into the river for the crocodiles to sniff at!
    Those were the days of excitement in TPNG!
    I am pretty sure Diane would remember that bridge????
    Some of the young blokes at Finsch. ( kiaps and chalkies etc) rode their bloody motor bikes over the darn thing. Quite a sight to see! ha ha
    Colin (HB)


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