19 September 2011

Up up and Away (AGAIN)

We're off again on another trip. This time to Western Australia for a Wildflower Tour then to South Australia for some exciting train journeys.

Today, we fly to Perth In Western Australia

As with our recent US Tour, this blog will be automatically updated every day or so, to show you where we are and what we are doing. So you can follow us on our travels. have fun.


  1. Cool never been to Perth but is somewhere I would like to go....

  2. Tut tut!
    What is happening with QF - 7 minutes late departing BNE!!!! Jo-Anne scored take off time - well done!
    Have fun - heaps of fun!
    Eagerly awaiting the shots from Monkey Mia and the dolpins with Diane - don't forget the musical score! ha ha
    With all the horrible smoke haze from the back burning going on, the flights taking off cannot be seen from my place - nor can I see the CBD!!!!!
    Colin (HB)

  3. The thing I always love about Perth is, it looks so bloody clean!


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