16 September 2011

On Monday we're off again

Monday morning we're off again on another trip, this time to Western Australia and to South Australia.

From Monday on, you can follow us once again on our journey on this blog which again will be updated automatically every day.

Have fun following us...

Perth Western Australia

Adelaide Hills Winery


  1. Two separate tours? I guess the WA tour to be the Outback Spirit tour of the Carnarvon . What is the SA tour through the Adl hills?

    I was organising a tour of Kangaroo Island and the Adl Hills with a friend but she pulled out earlier this week. Tell me who your tour of the hills is with. I now need to go with a group.

  2. In WA we're doing the Wild Flower Tour with APT and in SA we're organising our own tour to Port Augusta for the Afghan Express and the Adelaide Hills.

  3. Okay. Taa. I will keep looking for an appropriate tour company. Enjoy your trip. you will have covered quite a few kilometers come the end of 2011.

  4. I can see it now - Diane, Helen and Paul - frolicking in the surf with the dolphins at Monkey Mia - musical suggestion for the video - from "Some Like It Hot" - "By the sea, by the sea, by the Beautiful Sea" !
    Should be a sensation!
    Have fun


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