15 July 2011

Foxy is walking

Foxy took his first steps yesterday and we were here to see it. How lucky was that?

Alas our US trip has come to an end and we're flying back to OZ tonight.


  1. Hooray for Fox's first steps! And for your being there to see it too. There's no stopping him now. Have a safe trip home, and I'll be watching Diane's blog for more news of your amazing trip.

  2. How wonderful you were there to see him do it. Diane must be thrilled sideways! Congratulations!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. I should think that was the best moment in a whole number of good moments from your fabulous trip. Best wishes for your return home.

  4. Well Fox gave you a surprise bonus on your final days. I think the fun now starts for Sonja and Bernie!
    Enjoy for your final day, the warmth. The weather forecasters for once look to have it correct here, you can expect rain also to welcome you back!
    Hope the Squadron Leader, Diane, pilots QF15 on a steady course and keeps her eyes in the right direction!

  5. First steps there is nothing like them and before we know it they are running everywhere and hard to catch........

  6. He certainly is and how wonderful that you caught it. Doesn't he look so pleased with himself, darling little boy. Well done Foxy. You and Diane have a great flight home. From this end it seems like this trip of yours has gone so fast, I wonder if you feel that way.


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