15 June 2011

Walt Disney Studios

Jim, the son of Diane's cousin Chuck works at the Disney Studios in Los Angeles, as an animatronics designer. he is taking us on a private tour through the Disney Studios.

Meet Salem, the cat from the TV series Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which was designed and operated by Jim on the show. So today, we'll see how it is all done. Can't wait.

More tomorrow....


  1. An animatronics designer/engineer ... not on the vocations list when I was at high school!

  2. Bill be careful. They may "animate" you into a Bern Swiss Brown Bear for the new Disney blockbuster movie, "William Tell meets Heidi"!!!!
    I wonder what you will end up looking like???
    Just think, I will be able to gloat that I know that animated Bern Bear! And the Bern Bear drinks Chateauneuf du Pape for breakfast!

  3. You lucky dogs. Nothing beats knowing somebody to get the best tours. That's how I went through the Washington DC Capitol. Saw things that weren't on the regular tour route.

  4. Lucky you getting a private tour I loved Salem and wondered how he worked......


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