13 June 2011

Don't mess with the LAPD

I had a run in with the Police in Pasedina.


  1. Right, Bill, it looks like you've really been up to no good, and they look so glad to have finally caught you after a global search by Interpol. The relaxed, carnival atmosphere and the taco stands are a dead giveaway!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Ah ha ! At last, the arm of the law has caught up with you! I wonder will they re-open
    Alcatraz for you???
    What did you do this time? No name dropping, I hope - ha ha! I told you to be careful with the "S & P" words, not everyone knows that they stand for South Pacific Beer!
    Get the message!
    Have fun in your new lodgings, Diane will now have 2 seats on the bus trip!
    Colin (HB)

  3. Gotcha, Bill! We were just waiting for you to get over here for the boys in blue to pick you up! Do they still wear blue? Hope you are having a wonderful time! mmmm... tacos!

  4. Thow away the key, says I!!

  5. LOL, does Diane know about this? I think all the smiles are giving you up.

  6. Bill Bill Bill what have you been up to getting caught is not a good idea what is Diane going to do leave you in the slammer or bail you I know what you did you stole all the tacos didn't you or maybe it was the

  7. That's really neat to see all those smiles as you are getting arrested.

  8. Should I send you some oranges ??

  9. Uh oh Dad! What did you do?!! haa ha
    It's nice to see that the fuzz have a sense of humour too!

  10. The musician and I are laughing! We could tell you were a troublemaker - now you have a very memorable souvenir of your time in LA!


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