25 March 2011

Our Morning Walk

We can't do it every morning, but we do as often as we can, that is walking in the Daisy Hill Forest before breakfast. To try my new Canon Legria camera, I shot some pictures this morning.

The entrance sign to the Daisy Hill State Forest
We drive up to the park, which is about a kilometre away from our house. Diane still walks home while I go and buy the newspaper.

The Circle Road inside the park
The park has a circle road with seven parking lots scattered all around the circle. On weekends it is very busy with families utilising the various barbecues provided free of charge by the state government. On weekday mornings lots of people come up here for a walk, like us.

The Daisy Hill Koala Centre
We walk past the Daisy Hill Koala Centre, which is run by the Natural Resources Department of the state government. That's where they look after injured or orphaned Koalas. It is open to the public as the sign says between 10am and 4pm.

Wallabies are grazing in the park
There are usually a few wallabies grazing in the park. They are not too scared of people, although they will hop away if you get too close.

'Don't come any closer, do you hear?
During the drought a couple of years ago, they did come up to people looking for food, but since the rain, there is plenty of natural food for them so they don't need to beg for food any more.

These two are near one of the barbecue tables
We keep on walking through the beautiful park.

There are lots of big gum trees in the park
Of course the park is now lush and green. A couple of years ago the ground was all brown and burnt looking. Even the great gum trees look much healthier these days.

A couple of close-ups to finish this post


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