09 March 2011

Diane's Garden

I have a new HD video camera. To try it out, I shot some footage in our garden, well, Diane's garden to be precise. 

Press anywhere on the picture to start movie
About the camera:
I have always had Sony video cameras in the past (still got 2) but all of them had to be repaired at one stage or another, which is always a hassle and costs money, so I did a lot of research and have found that Canon technology has now surpassed Sony both in colour and performance so this time I have bought a Canon top of the range camcorder. See how I like it. So far so good.


  1. Bill, don't know if it is my computer but the film kept pausing to load, so was very stop/start so did detract somewhat. I am pleased you are pleased with your new toy. Have lotsa fun with it. AJ

  2. Had to preview comment for it to be published. AJ


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