08 September 2010

White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad

We just returned home from our Canada/Alaska trip. In Skagway, we went on a trip on the famous White Pass/Yukon Railroad. I put together a small video, sorry about the sound. I'll try to fix it.




  1. What a wonderful video, Bill. I saw it without sound. There are many impressions (the train, the bridges, the nature). I envy your trip to Canada/Alaska. I hope I can go there with my family too. I'll do it!!!!

  2. Holy hell "partner" - that's cowboy lingo!
    I got my spurs on, found my horse and galloped off to race that God-dammed train!
    The music sent me into the days of the Sundance Kid, Roy Rogers and good old Hopalong who never lost his hat, irrespective of the fights and falls off good old "Silver".
    There was a minor problem - in my excitement, I only put of my spurs and forgot my clothes, so I was arrested for indecent exposure and have just been released. Can you help me with my "up-coming" fines????
    The QLD police have no sense of excitement!
    Now I have to get my horse back, I have no idea where he went. Is he down your way???
    Please no more further excitement on your blog - I can't afford the fines.
    Futhermore the damn police wanted to know why I was GREEN! Cheeky buggers!
    The New Version of the Sundance Kid!
    Colin (HB)

  3. Ooh, that looks fun. Glad you tucked your head in when it got to the tunnels! The sound seemed fine to me - good travellin' tune.

  4. That was the highlight of our last trip to Alaska. I liked being able to stand at the back of the car and take pictures.

  5. Great job Bill, I so enjoy your adventures gives me a wanderlust...:))

  6. What a great little train Dad! You have really captured the feeling of being onboard too! I love the conductors uniform. Gee wiz you have had an amazing holiday! I'm enjoying reading along with you.


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