12 September 2010

In New Idea Again

Our daughter, Sonya her partner, Bernard Curry and grandson Fox have been in New Idea magazine again last week. Bernard will soon be hosting the second season of Beauty and the Geek Australia on Chanel 7. That and the birth of their first child has sparked the magazine's interest. If you remember, they appeared in an earlier issue when Sonya was pregnant.

Little Fox is just the cutest grandson anyone could possibly have, maybe I am biased.


  1. It must be a bit weird seeing them in a magazine but you must be so proud of them all. Delightful family.

  2. Yes, such a beautiful child, and looks like he has a lovely nature. You must be righfully proud of your family.
    Looks like a very nice article to keep.... All the best to them.

  3. Proud! You think? Nah........... NOT MUCH Ann J

  4. No you are not biased he is the most beautiful baby in the world. Grandma knows.

  5. and a grandma is always right !
    Grossvati !

  6. Adorable! And he is the MBB in the world!

  7. No no no no ... not the most beautiful BABY in the world ... yes, I can cope if you say the most beautiful grandson ... but but but ...

    They are terrific photographs.


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