Fort Lytton

17 November 2009

MS Oasis of the Seas

Shall we all go cruising in the world's largest cruise ship?


  1. Its a floating city. Over 6000 guests...not for me.

  2. Incredible. I'm still not sure I want to go on a cruise. My stomach doesn't like water and I mind will still know it will 'rock'.

  3. I couldn't think of a worse vacation! Too tacky for me. Nice boat, though!

  4. Amazing! But how gross! I couldn't think of a worse way to have a holiday. Just think - one torpedo and down to the bottom it goes.
    Give me the little steamer on the Swiss Lake anyday, the DS BLumlisalp. That is class, this is crass ****!
    "Anonymous" and I are it total agreement.


  5. Are you planning a cruise? It looks very nice, but for me it would be like going to a party and not being able to leave. I'll stick to traveling on land. Nice video.

  6. I have never wanted to take a small city on the water. I think I'll fly and then walk and ride in a car.

    What a huge ship!



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