21 November 2009

Are you hungry?

In Germany, there is a famous restaurant called Waldgeist-Hofheim, where they serve the most enormous meals...

Anyone for a Schnitzel?

Or is a sausage your thing?

Or just a plain Hamburger?


  1. Do you get a sick bag with that?

  2. No Anonymous - that would be two sick bags!
    "Waldgeist-Hofheim" has just been removed from any possible trip to Deutschland - yuk yuk! Now where Bill is this "gluttons" paradise?
    I think something more pleasant on your blog in the future! And I have just eaten!!!!!!!!
    Next step you know where for me - the bathroom!

    Shocking and more shocking.
    No cheers and no beers

  3. Great Scott! That is one enormous lunch? And for me....dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week to come. Looks yummy. Wish I was there.

  4. Hmmm, My hubby would love this place.


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