28 October 2009

The ultimate Computer Security!

How to protect your password- this should be very useful. You just can't be too careful!

With the way things are in today's world I suggest you read the message below carefully. This message is for your own safety and security!
No one can read your password
No one can see whatever your typing
or what website your browsing.
And the ultimate is..
I know that some of you are into crafts and knitting so get cracking!! .. I can see a marketing potential here


  1. You made me laugh and laugh!


  2. Pretty funny! And that is a lot of knitting. Christmas gifts? hee, hee

  3. Now that's a great idea. Especially in my office, I'll put it to management. Very funny!

  4. Hi WILBO, I like
    to browse your posts, I always leave with a smile and this time LOL!


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