28 October 2009

Repairs to my car

For a while now I've put up with some minor dents and scratches on the front bumper bar of my car. They have annoyed me but were not worth going to a panel beater for repairs. Then we saw an ad in the local paper for a company called "Bumpertech" who come to you to repair minor dents and scratches. We called them and the man came yesterday to do the job.
First, he sanded and filled the scratches and sanded and sprayed a primer.
Then he sanded the primer and masked all areas ready for the final coating.
Then he mounted plastic sheeting all around to avoid overspray.

And finally, he sprayed the final coat which he had perfectly matched to the paint code found under the bonnet. He did this with the help of a lap-top computer.
Here she is, brand-spanking new.


  1. Does he make house calls a few extra miles away?

  2. He probably would, Lucy, but I think it might be cheaper for you to get a local man. Actually, this chap told me his boss got the idea for Bumpertech from an American concept so you must have similar businesses there as well. Worth checking the Yellow Pages. Cheers, Bill

  3. She does look more dents allowed.

  4. That guy was very good. And you got to watch and he did it at your home.


  5. I was allowed to watch, but not help or make suggestions, otherwise he would have charged me more. Since he knew what he was doing, it wasn't hard to keep my mouth shut.

  6. awhh she's so pretty! Does she go faster now too?

  7. Of course, Carol. With the scratches gone there is less air friction


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