25 September 2009

Katherine Gorge

OK, Back to our trip. We arrived in Katherine in the Northern Territory and took another cruise, this time on one of the best gorges in Australia, Katherine Gorge. This was my favourite gorge. See if you agree:

There are lots of kayakers in the gorge, even though there are also lots of crocodiles sharing the gorge. I guess, every now and again, they just have to paddle extremely fast.....


  1. OK, now you've done it...I want all these videos and your beautiful music (can you tell me what that is?) on a CD so I can relax, dream and smile like I am right now from ear to ear..This has been an amazing trip for me - I can only begin to imagine what it was like your you & wonderful! Thank you for sharing this with us..and I'm serious about the CD - I'll pay for it :-)

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for letting me tour! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


  3. Hi Bill, I have been a follower of Diane's blog for quite a while now and I popped over here to see this great video she mentioned. It was fun to travel along the gorge with you. Enjoyed it immensely, thanks!

  4. Another beautiful installment Dad! I'd love to see this part of the world.


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