08 August 2009

Winter in Brisbane

We complain about winter here in Brisbane. Ok, so it's 11 Deg. C. How about where these two come from? Brrrrrrr....


  1. I love them! When we were in Blackforest in 1991, my little children and I were running wild in the snowfield piling snow, made them into balls and tossed without directions.

    In Orange, some newly shorn sheep have to be protected with clothing. Then one Brissie man said, "it must be really cold here. Even horses, dogs and sheep are wearing winter coats."

    Of course he was just jesting in reference to winter coat.

  2. That's my laugh for the day. How cute. That ought to win a photo contest somewhere.

  3. Brrrr, poor sheep! I enjoy the snow as long as I'm trying to ski and falling down laughing, but as soon as the chill sets in I'm comatose!

  4. Das sy eiduetig d'Schaf vom Samichlous...oder werum heisi suesch e sone wysse Vollbart? Ganz luschtig das Biud! Liebe Gruess Marianne


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