04 August 2009

Berrinba Wetlands, Logan City

Diane and I, last week, investigated the Berrinba Wetlands, which was created by our local Council, the Logan City Council. It is fairly new and will look much better in about 5 years.

But for now it is a great place for families to go for walks, Picnics and for the kids to play.


  1. A great little video it is so clear. This is the way you should blog.(But leave me out)

  2. Bill, that is a beautiful video with the soft music to enhance nature. I think this is a lovely place to visit and enjoy nature at its best. Well done.

  3. Lovely restful video, Bill.And so professional, no jerking and jumping from scene to scene. I love that you had Diane in some of the clips. I had a quick glimpse of her lovely camera. Have a wonderful weekend. Jo (South Africa)

  4. Where is Berinda Wetlands? Is it far from Brisbane? Near Boondal maybe?

    Great movie Dad. You make a good team with Mum's Stills and your Movies!

  5. I hope that you realise that the peace and quiet of the wetlands is going to be spoilt by the building of an open air concert space.

    Ask the Mayor of Logan - Pam Parker

    She is pictured speaking about it on a page of the official Logan City Council Website

    "New Project announced for Southwest 1 Berrinba Wetlands"


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