31 July 2009

150 Years Anniversary of Brisbane and Queensland

Queensland is celebrating its 150th Anniversary. To celebrate, I am placing some "Then" and "Now" pictures on my blog. Of course in 1969 we still had trams, but they were fazed out in that year.

South Brisbane Station 1969

South Brisbane Station Now

Adelaide Street 1969

Adelaide Street Now

Queen Street 1969

Queen Street Now

Intersection Roma & George Streets 1969

Intersection Roma & George Streets Now

Kingsford-Smith Drive 1969

Kingsford-Smith Drive Now


  1. I think it would be good to still have trams like in Melbourne and Switzerland.

  2. My goodness - that is really interesting and if I may say so educational in the historical context. They had/have (?) something similar within a department of the BCC - but the photos that you and Diane have been recently placing on your respective blogs make the BCC look like a bunch of amateurs! The scenes of various places in Brisbane are a credit to you both. They should be given more coverage. Your retirement obviously is agreeing with the two of you. Congratulations.
    "HB" or is it "Yellow Mellow"?

  3. Isn't it amazing the changes that occur in our lifetimes. 1969 my first child was born. Today I am old (60). My!


  4. I remember Brisbane in the 60s. I used to take a tram from Red Hill to the city then change onto another tram for Lutwyche. Them were the days, eh?

  5. Great comparison photos. I read on another blog that trams are going to be introduced into the city of Edinburgh (Scotland) and the streets are all being dug up for the laying of the tramlines.

    It made me wonder how they will cope in August with the huge influx of visitors for their music festivals, eg. the Edinburgh Tattoo, and the Jazz Festival.

    Trams move an incredible number of people very efficiently, although other roadusers don't much like them. I hadn't realised that Brisbane had had trams.

    Brisbane is such a beautiful city.....I think I could live there, for SIX months of the

  6. A great account of now and then. It is a pity that they have done away with the trams. I like cities with trams. It is a great way of transport.


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