19 June 2009

Last of the Summer Wine

One of the cable channels here is repeating my favourite British TV show 'Last of the Summer Wine' This is the longest running sitcom on Television and plays in the Yorkshire village of Holmefirth. The characters are basically retired people living in this beautiful part of the world, getting on with their lives and often into trouble having fun. Last year when we were touring in England, we visited Holmfirth and saw where the series is filmed. We even had lunch in Sid's Cafe, one of the regular places in the show. At the bottom of this post, you can actually watch one of the episodes of Last of the Summer Wine.
Here are some of the scenes and characters (sadly a couple of them have now passed away):

A lot of scenes are filmed in the Yorkshire Dales

And in beautiful Holmfirth

Smiler (Stephen Lewis), Tom (Tom Owen) and 
Aunty Wainwright (Jean Alexander)

Compo (Bill Owen), Foggy (Brian Wilde
and Norman Clegg (Peter Salis)

Compo (Bill Owen) and Nora Batty (Kathy Staff)

Ivy, the Cafe Owner (Jane Freeman) and Nora (Kathy Staff)
in Sid's Cafe. We had lunch there

Howard (Robert Fyfe) with wife Pearl (Juliette Kaplan)
when he is not chasing his "young lady", Marina

Aunty Wainwright (Jean Alexander) and Smiler (Stephen Lewis)

Alvyn (Brian Murphy), Truly of the Yard (Frank Thornton) and 
Howard (Robert Fyfe)

The ever vigilant coppers (Ken Kidson) and (Louis Emerick)

Howard (Robert Fyfe) escapes with his young lady,
Marina (Jane Ferguson)

Here I am standing next to Compo outside Sid's Cafe in Holmfirth, England. 
It was great to be on the set of my favourite TV sitcom.
You can watch one of the episodes here, called: 'The defeat of the Stoneworm. The episode is in three sections, start with the top one and and keep going. Enjoy!


If you like more information on Last of the Summer Wine, or would like to see another episode, have a look at my other blog


  1. These are all your ol' timer friends aren't they?
    It certainly was interesting visiting the village of Holmfirth. I enjoyed the "Summer Wine Tour".

  2. We eagerly await 9pm Saturday evenings here in Tennessee, USA, when the PBS broadcasts re-runs of "Summer Wine". Simply one of the most delightful shows on tv, in our opinion. Those inhabitants of Holmfirth are delightful. Love every one!
    Sharon Slaton Howell

  3. Some git has removed your YouTube links..

  4. One of the best sitcoms ever, an it was from Great Britain..


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