22 June 2009

'In Bed' 2005 by Ron Mueck

Yesterday, we went with a group of friends to the restaurant of GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) for lunch. It was Diane's Birthday lunch. Afterwards we wandered through the gallery and I was fascinated by Melbourne artist  Ron Mueck's life-like sculpture 'In Bed'. If the exhibit wasn't so large, you'd swear the woman was real.


  1. Wow. I did a double take on that first photo. That is so neat. I'd love to see it.

  2. The skin was so lifelike. Its an amazing gallery too.

  3. He's an amazing artist isn't he! When Sonya was in Edinburg a couple of years ago, Dave and I went up to see her there and she took us to the Scottish National Gallery and there was a huge exhibition filled with only his work. It was probably one of the best exhibitions I have every seen!

  4. That is absoultely amazing!


  5. I agree with all the others, so amazing and life like, but neither you or Diane said what it is made of, is it porcelain, wax, wood?

    It must have been quite something to see.

    I'm not sure why but I was not able to get onto your blog for a while, kept bringing up some error when I visited, so sorry I haven't visited in a while.

  6. Great shots. Your blog's subjects are interesting and varied. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  7. she's made of a combination of resin on the outside, and fibreglass on the inside for strength. think basically a flesh colored boat-hull or canoe.


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