05 April 2009


In Australia water is a precious commodity. Especially so in South-east Queensland. In July 07 our combined dam levels were below 20% and there was talk that Brisbane could totally run out of water. As a consequence, the government adopted drastic measures by building a de-salination plant and  building pipelines to recycling plants. Of course very strict restrictions of water use were put in place. People were no longer able to water their gardens or wash their cars.

But the last few months have saved us, with increasing rainfall every few weeks. Slowly the water levels in the dams increased and today the levels are 47.75% and rising. For the last week it has been raining, sometimes very heavily and more rain is forecast. The predictions are that by Monday the dam levels will exceed 50% which means water restrictions will be relaxed and we'll be able to once again water our gardens and wash our cars.

Of course this rainfall has come at a cost. The small town of Kin Kin, 45 km north-east of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast copped a lot. One person drowned and property damage is extensive.

Here are some pictures from the Courier Mail.

The local hotel took the brunt of the deluge

Water is gushing in through the open windows

Roads are damaged

Is this guy trying to fish his car out of the river?

Parking spot with car-wash facility


  1. That's good news about the dam levels Bill, but sad that it has caused so much destruction and one life lost. I saw that footage of the water pouring in the window, amazing amount of water. Looks like a beautiful old pub too.

  2. We here in SA are still struggling with no rain...I can`t remember the last decent rainfall we had....

  3. Rain, rain, beautiful rain. Hope it stops when I go to work.

  4. Australia sure has a harsh time! Mother nature rules with an iron fist!
    Good news about the damns though! finaly! Meanwhile, for once the sun is shining in London!

  5. People will always build their houses in low lying areas,,,and get flooded, and in amongst the trees in the bush,,,and be burnt out, on precipitous slopes,,,and suffer the obvious consequences. Nature is what it is,,,natural, and so is death. Why am I still alive??? Just luck I guess !!
    Thanks for the ponderings Bill,, that was one of mine.


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