07 April 2009

Possums visit us

Last night, while watching telly, we heard this commotion on top of the roof. It sounded like an army carrying out maneuvers up there, so we went investigating. Of course as soon as we stepped onto the balcony, one of the visitors jumped into a nearby tree and the other was hiding on top of the TV antenna. 

Visitor Number 1

His mate jumped into the tree next to the house

Visitor Number 2

It is extremely hard to photograph moving objects in the night so I apologise for the 'out-of-centre' pictures.


  1. When I was in California from 2005-2007 there was a tree outside my apartment and in it lived one of these guys. I could never find him and he never made noise until about midnight or when it was dark. Interesting little guys.

  2. nice animals in Australia in New Zealand only dead possums are good possums. They spread TB and kill trees and birds. like the pics

  3. Jööö! Villicht heiter nid so guete Empfang ka am TV u de hett ds Opossum weue cho lueg, was mit dere Antenne nid stimmt... ;-)

  4. And they left a pile of pooh on the balcony!!!!

  5. I have never in my life seen an o'possum. This was a cool post for me!


  6. Ah cheeky possums! Were they trying to get better reception? Funny how much noise these cute little fury guys can make!

  7. Colin "HB"April 9, 2009 at 9:43 AM

    I think I prefer Swiss Geese - more military like when parading. Possums are very noisy at times but they make great pets until they decide to run up your leg - that can hurt!

  8. Yes Colin I can imagine that can hurt. Thanks for your comment and thanks for being a loyal viewer of our blogs. I think we'll have to do a huggybear blog soon. Cheers, Bill


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