23 April 2009

Our old house in RiggisbergSwitzerland

Last Christmas, when our daughter Carol-Ann and her husband David visited from England, we spent a few days with them on the Sunshine Coast. Carol got us to pencil draw things, so now I've tried to put what she taught me into practice. Here is a picture of our old house in Riggisberg in Switzerland. (See second last post for pictures)

My first attempt at pencil drawing

The shop was the local barber shop run by my uncle, standing in front with my father and grand father.


  1. That is fantastic and Carol are so talented when it comes to drawing. Really great stuff.



  2. Well done. Good pupil, good teacher.

  3. Dad! This is fantastic! You've done such a great job! I get my drawing abilities from you and Mum, so I don't know who is really that teacher! I was talking about your paintings to someone only the other day. I'm so glad that you enjoyed our sketching class at the beach house. Let's do it again soon!
    So can I commission you do do another one and send it to me? And I will try to make the time to finnish the sketch of the lake for you!
    Keep on sketching Dad you're a natural.

  4. Cool picture. What a talent to be able to do that. Love the house too. I need to move into it.

  5. Unfortunately, Lucy, we no longer own the house. The local supermarket dies (I think). Thanks for your comment!

  6. This is a very traditional and beautiful house. I admire your drawing skill. You are very talented. Bravo!

  7. Your first attempt?? I hate you. Not really. I envy your talent..kinda hate you for being soo good soo quickly, though.
    OK, I love it. You must have a natural talent (my justifying why I can't draw..)

    Very nice.

    And I don't hate you.

    Kinda like you.

  8. Bill,

    Went looking for a for an apricot tort recipe and yours was the only one that looked like the ones I knew about, and I guessed you must be Swiss. Then viewed some other things in your site, and found them great. You are a Swiss migrated to Aussie land and I am a born Californian who migrated to Switzerland. I guess we are never happy until we move somewhere else.

    Keep adding more good recipes to your site, and oh yes, your first pencil drawing is intimidating.



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