27 April 2009

More drawings of Riggisberg

A couple more sketches from our ancestral village Riggisberg in the canton Bern in Switzerland. I sketched them from photos published in the History Book 'Riggisberg-Rüti'

The Village Church with the Stokhorn range
in the background

Käserei (Cheesery) ca. 1940
Eisenhandlung (Iron Monger) ca. 1940

I'm having great fun practicing what my daughter Carol-Ann taught me when she visited us from London with her husband David over the Christmas break....

More to follow soon....


  1. Really great Bill.

    You could fill your house with them...framed on the wall.

    Very inspiring.

    David (son-in-law)

  2. You have quite the talent. If you haven't, you need to start selling your work. I love it.

  3. Dad! You're so clever! These are great! Please send me one!! I'd love to have an original Bohlen sketch!!! I'm thrilled that you are really getting into sketching! It can be so rewarding when a sketch works out! Keep me posted with your progress!
    Love Carol

  4. Geeze! The detail in these drawings is awesome! Love seeing these - needs to be in a coffee table book!

  5. WOW...first attempts .....delightful detail

    Cheers, lizzie b.

  6. Hi Dad, It's 2am and i can't sleep (too stressed or something) so I have been reading back over your old posts, these are such lovely sketches. Please can you email me the highest resolution you can of them. i'd like to print them out.
    Miss you
    Love Carol
    tired but wired...


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