09 February 2009

Victoria Ablaze

The death toll from the fires in Victoria now stands at 108 and is likely to rise even higher.

See this news clip 


  1. Those fires have been all over the news here..even local news. I watch the news so rarely anymore that I hadn't realized it. This this morning they were on the Phoenix newscasts. Sounds terrible. 108 deaths...sheesh. Not to mention all those animals trying to get away from it.

  2. Poor Kangaroos and other bush animals they will have burnt feet and nothing to eat, not to mention all the humans who have lost family, friends and homes.

  3. I cant even watch the news now....I get too teary, that goes for the paper too, cant read the stories.....I think I will have to settle for updates via the radio....

    We went on a Sunday country drive yesterday, not far from Adelaide - it is so dry out there, it is very, very scary...... I must admit I wished I hadnt taken the roads I went on but I was under instructions from my 7yo and trying to make his day!

  4. That first photo makes my heart break - may God watch over all His kingdom- animals and humans alike.


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