08 February 2009

Australia - A Land of Contrast

Streets become Rivers

People waiting to be rescued

Whole areas are under water

Ingham under water

Shell Garage in Ingham

Watch the ABC-TV news clip about the floods

Fires in the South:

30 Homes burnt down in Kilmore

What's left of someone's home

Resident helpless to stop the fire

Cars, boats and caravans destroyed

Fire services water bomb the fires

Bush fires raging through the South

Watch the ABC-TV news clip about the fires


  1. Gosh, how devistating for all those people. We are lucky to live in between these ares and only have the worry of the economy crash.

  2. These fires appear to have been so swift with tragic consequence.

  3. Waiting, waiting, waiting......

    For good news for a change....

    Its all so sad.....

    Having said that I am impressed with your news footage... well done......Kim

  4. it's truly heartbreaking isn't it. australia is a land of extremes. my thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by these horrible events. Fran

  5. BB this is tragic, so hard to even come to terms with the comparisons.

    Glad to see you did the Post. Well done!

  6. Hey Bill
    glad to see you join us here. I am in two minds about modern news coverage. On the one hand it is compelling, instant internet, news teams flown in to crisis areas, live interviews of those in distress, constant coverage 24/7. On the other hand I feel so saddened and powerless by it all, the way we view the news has changed forever I think. It becomes difficult to process all this information. I have family in those areas, but thank goodness no one has lost lives or homes as yet. Just tragic.

  7. Wow... and I'm laying here early in the morning in bed listening to it rain outside and loving it. Glad you aren't directly in it.

  8. It`s sickening to think that someone has actually lit these fires...So many lives lost and for what, someone`s thrill....
    God I hope they find the culprit...

  9. Hi, Bill!

    Welcome to blogging!:)

    My husband and I were just reading about the flood and fires last night...and I was so concerned that either of these situations was near you and Diane. I'm SO relieved to know you are both okay.

    God Bless,

  10. We have been watching this horrific fire and flood season in Australia unfold on our TVs and newspapers. It is heartbreaking.

  11. Hello Bill,

    It quite wonderful to see a man blogging with such compassion for his country. We in the states are very sorry for all that your beautiful land is going through - the deaths, the pain and the destruction all around. My prayers are with you and your Australia.

  12. Wow!~I have NOT been paying attention. This is horrible. I am glad you are not in danger. These pictures are so revealing

  13. Hey Bill, a wondefully informed post. Must heva taken you a lot of research hours.

    It is hard to believe that all of this is occurring in the same country. Such devastation and sadness stretching across thousands of kms.


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