17 May 2016

Brisbane Tramway Museum

The U3A Videographers' Workshop had organised a private visit to the Brisbane Tramway Museum at Ferny Grove last Tuesday. To get a private visit, it has to be booked months ahead. Lots of groups request private visits, including weddings. it is enormous popular, so much so that the organisers told me that they cannot take anymore bookings in the fordable future. So we were incredibly lucky.

The U3A Videographer's at the Tramway Museum 
The Museum Volunteers provided morning tea in the workshop
Then they rolled out the trams
That brings out memories
I used to go to work on one of these
Volunteers run the trams
This is the oldest tram in operation at the museum
Here is a little video I made:

Here is a photo I found on the internet of the tram I used to pick up at the Treasury Building, every morning, in the 60s. It used to take me to Mater Hill.

The tram at the old Treasury Building that used to take me to work in the 60s


  1. Terrific short video. The Blogger looks quite regal.

  2. Your video is very well-done -- I like the music. I'm glad you were able to arrange a private visit to the museum.

  3. How things have changed but great memories. Sadly our WIFI connection is too slow to play the video:(( Have a good week, Diane

  4. So glad you visited here, Bill or I might never have known this museum exists. (And I have a sister who lives at Ferny Grove who has never mentioned it!) What memories. One of my brothers worked in the Treasury Building so no doubt I caught that tram, too, somewhere along the line. Thanks for the blast from the past! Oh, and the blogger makes a fine leading lady.


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