18 April 2016

A Weekend in the Mountains

We just spent a very nice weekend in the Blue Mountains. On Friday we flew to Sydney, where Carol and David picked us up at the airport. Together we drove up to Leura where we had rented a holiday house for the weekend. We expected it to be fairly cold and packed accordingly but were pleasantly surprise how nice the weather was on Saturday.

We started off after breakfast at the Toy and Train Museum.

The museum belongs to the Evatt family (former Federal Opposition Leader)
There are lots of Railway buildings and trains on the property
Note to self: Must take up Smoking
Fountain in the garden
Then we went to Sublime Point for some stunning views over the mountains.

The Blogger at work
Finally we visited the Everglades for morning tea including a delicious French Pudding. Followed by  a stroll through the autumn-leaves.

These two were getting ready for a sprint.
On Sunday, we went to Blackheath and Govett's Leap lookout. 

180 metre waterfall


  1. Great post and also great memories for us on our visit to the Blue Mountains. Good to see everything not shrouded in mist!!! It only cleared for us the day we left :-(( Love th last photo. Keep well t'other Diane

  2. Great images Diane and Bill. Jasmin, Ashleigh and I passed through Blackheath around 10:30am on our way back home from Hill End.
    I like to think that perhaps we crossed paths.

  3. You two have certainly been taking in some spectacular scenery lately, haven't you? Lovely to see the autumn colours!

  4. You had some gorgeous mountain views. It sounds as if the weekend was wonderful.

  5. Fabulous photography Dad! Thanks for coming to visit us. Let's do it again soon x

  6. It was a fun trip we must do it again. I love the second bottom shot.

  7. No cliff scaling???
    You are losing it Bill.
    It is a wonder that the old "Craven A" advertisement
    sign hasn't been removed. I think from my early days
    at College - pre-ASOPA that Craven "A"s were the top
    selling cigs - British I think they were???
    Old "Doc" Evatt's family sure lived in style.
    I read that the Evatt dynasty legal "silks" are still the most
    expensive in Phillip Street Sydney.
    Nice to visit the Blue Mountains in non-bushfire periods, but
    wild horses would not get me living there in that place where
    you stayed.
    Tell "S.W.M.B.O'd" that I read her report also - very good,
    but I think that the racing statue of the "Lithgow Flash" would
    probably win the 100 metres dash - ha ha! and then DUCK!

    1. Good grief!
      On closer examination that statue of Marjorie Jackson is NAKED!!
      Shocking to the extreme.

  8. You've got some fabulous shots there Dad! It was a lovely weekend. Let's do it again next year. X


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