12 September 2015

Another Week - Another Photo Shoot

I am now in a small group of photographers of our camera club and we go out once in a awhile to improve our photographic skills. This week we went to our Botanic Garden on Mt Coot-tha. This was a rekke for our club outing on the 28th involving both of our camera clubs.

The Botanic Garden has recently been expanded after the completion of extensive roadwork provided the city with extra land.

There are lots of Orchids in the Botanic Garden

A leaf in the right place


The lagoon

Mother and chic Swam phen

Anthurium Andraeanum or as I call them, Pretty Red Flower


  1. Some great photos here. Well done t'other Diane

  2. I very much enjoyed these photos from your visit to the Botanical Garden. It looks as if it was a very successful trip.


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