08 June 2015

A nice Day Out

After a week of fairly cold weather here in Brisbane, today was a beautiful day with a pleasant 25ºC and glorious sunshine.

It was a public holiday here in Queensland, the Queen's Birthday.

It was also the day, the U3A Logan District Camera Club visited New Farm Park for a photo shoot. For overseas visitors, the park is on the Brisbane River, next to the Powerhouse Complex, a disused power station which has been converted into a performing arts venue with three theatres and a couple of restaurants, a perfect place for photographers to visit. Here are some shots I took this morning.

A rather dangerous looking flower

This member was intrigued by this tree

John and Elaine advised me that it's a Kigalia pinnata or Sausage Tree

A shady nook

Unfortunately the Powerhouse was shut

Interesting things could seen even up high

Not sure how safe this is

We took notice of this Notice

The river was very busy

Time to make a decision where to go for lunch


  1. Wish I could have been with you.

  2. It looks as if you had a beautiful day for your outing, with plenty of photo opportunities. It's too bad the Powerhouse was closed.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Grammatical error in the deleted!

    Yes as you said it was here, not where I first saw it.
    Lovely sign of unintelligible lingo - well it is the BCC, so that's that.

    Great lunch of the three amigos - what the G7 have been trying to
    solve at great expense in Germany - in the hundreds of millions of dollars ($s),
    we did for about $50 for the three of us. And we only took less than 3 hours!!!!!
    Emeritus Diplomat / World leader #3
    (I'll let you and Joe fight over the Nos 1 and 2)

    PS: Diane - Bill ate all his greens, isn't he a good boy!! ????
    And he looks remarkably healthy also.

  5. It looked like glorious weather! It's an interesting place isn't it. I loved the black & White shot the best. X

  6. Bill, love your and Diane's posts! New Farm Park is a favourite spot. Used to play in an amateur 'military' band there 1 Sunday a month. Anyway … the tree is a 'Sausage tree' aka Kigelia pinnata. Bat-pollinated. If you get a chance to see it in flower, big dark-red smelly flowers hang down on long stems. There used to be a Kigelia at Qld Uni down near the pond on the way to the Dutton Park ferry.

  7. So glad you took notice of the noticeable notice..


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