12 February 2015

Sydney Harbour National Park - North Head

We're in Sydney for a few days. Carol and David took us to North Head National Park today. The first time the Blogger and I have been there. It was a glorious day out.

I don't know who 'Cliff' is, but he's been warned.

View across the harbour towards Vaucluse

Naturally, we had to stop for coffee

Fairfax lookout

Interesting rock formations

View of Sydney

The Blogger at work

Some of the Fauna and Flora in the Park

North Head near Manly, Sydney


  1. Yes it was a great day! I'm glad you got to see it in such glorious weather xxx

  2. This looks like a wonderful park to visit. The scenery is gorgeous.

  3. It was a beautiful day. Great weather, great scenery and great company.

  4. Poor young Cliff. He just never listened or read the signs and thus one day he was found on the
    rocks below. Terrible, unsolved mystery.
    North Head is a spectacular and interesting place to visit. The views are fantastic of the harbour and
    the northern beaches up the coastline. Less sea-haze and the better for viewing.
    Hope the weather remains great for you to troop around with Carol-Ann and David, and of course "S.W.M.B.O'd."
    Have fun.

    1. We saw a few choppers with search lights flying overhead last night, obviously looking for someone over the coastline. Maybe Cliff did step of his mark.

    2. Bill, Buddy.
      I can think of other reasons presently in Sydney for the "choppers' to be flying around.
      Nah, poor Cliff ended up as Great White fodder.
      Diane's latest "dare devil" might end up with the same fate.
      Cheers from "on and off sunny rain downpours".

  5. Hi Bill, Great pictures from Sidney.. Looks like a marvelous park. Love the lookout area and the rock formations... WOW!!!!

    We've seen the signs also about "Cliff".... Poor guy--just can't go anywhere!!!!! ha ha ha...



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