26 January 2015

Happy Australia Day 2015

For our overseas readers, it's Australia Day today. What better reason to bake some ANZAC bikkies. So, the Blogger got me into the kitchen this morning, even though it's 30 Deg C in the house. Outside it's 35 Deg C.

We start off melting butter

In a bowl we mix flour, rolled oats, sugar and coconut

We add bicarbonate of soda mixed in water

We add the liquid to the dry mixture

Mix it all together

Form small balls

Bake in a low oven for 12-15 minutes

And get some nice ANZAC biscuits

Which we enjoy with a cup of coffee



  1. Dontcha just luv my Aussie hat and American T-Shirt.

  2. They look pretty dam good. I had intended to make some today too but I was a bit low on coconut so made rock cakes instead. Very much on the hot side over here in WA today too.

  3. I can't think of a better way to celebrate. I hope you have a great Australia Day!!

  4. Love the shirt and hat Diane! You are both looking great. We have been without any connection to the world since Friday, so this is my first opportunity to get online.

  5. YUM----those biscuits look delicious.... If we ever get down there to visit, maybe you will make some for us!!!!!! I've never had them...

    Happy Australian Day to you both.
    Betsy (and George)

  6. Stop it- you're making me hungry!! They look great. Happy Australia Day. We watched the yaght race from our balcony. Xxx

  7. Those look great. I am late but Happy Australia Day!

  8. Those look great. I am late but Happy Australia Day!

  9. Just foun dyou blog after looking at someone elses, I liked the look of Bill's Ponderings and being another Bill thought I'd have a peek. Likeing the bicies might well have a go myself. Have a good one


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