09 November 2014

We caught the Travel Bug Again

I know I said I wouldn't travel overseas again, but the thought of seeing my two little grandsons, Sonya and Bernie again persuaded me to once again sit in a hollow tube hurtling through the air for hours on end. Plus Kathy and Rob, a couple of our neighbours have asked us to join them on a Mississippi cruse from Memphis to New Orleans, hence the reason we're once again at Brisbane International airport, boarding a Virgin flight to Los Angeles.

Another reason we're travelling, is Brisbane will experience major disruptions between the 15th and 16th November with the hosting of the G20 Summit in town. The bigwigs of the top twenty economic countries descend on Brisbane with a lot of them bringing their own security forces with them. Naturally that also attracts the rat-bags from all around the world coming to demonstrate against Obama, Putin, Cameron, Abbott and the others. Then there are the ones who want to save the whales, the forests, the planet. gay rights, women's rights and poverty. Not that I personally have anything against any of those things.  A lot of these protesters will battle it out with the police forces in the streets. There'll be water canons, tear gas, you name it.

So, we're off to miss it all.

Travelling on a 777-300ER to L.A.


  1. Great photo of VA 07 taking off. I shall be following you.
    Oh God the ratbags - I'm off too, very sensible of us!
    Safe flying - hopefully NO disruptive, noisy passengers.

    1. Off and racing to LAX!
      Favourable tail winds I note - very early arrival!


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