24 November 2014

Vicksburg MS

After a leisurely day sailing down the Mississippi, we stopped at Vicksburg MS early this morning.

Vicksburg, also referred to as 'Red Carpet City of the South' is steeped in American History. We joined a Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour through this historic town this morning.

Unfortunately the internet on the American Queen is extremely slow and won't let me upload picture, which is a shame because we visited the famous battle field where Yankee General Ulysses S Grant battled it out with Confederate General Pemberton. It took 47 days siege before Pemberton surrendered to Grant.

Funny thing was, when we boarded the bus to go to the battlefield, the tour guide gave everyone a card with a character of the battle. I was to be General John E Smith of the Union Army. Turns out that General John E Smith was born in the canton of Berne in Switzerland, just as I was. Except he was born in 1861 and was 6'1". How strange is that?

We then also visited the Coca Cola Museum. Vicksburg was the first place in the world where Coca Cola was bottled (as if you didn't know that).

Now we're sailing through the night to Natchez for our next stop. Hopefully the internet will improve.

Until then.....


  1. Perhaps the guide was good at the country origins of surnames. Nope, I did not know where Coke was first bottled.

  2. Wow what a coincidence ! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos. I share your pain about slow wifi Dad! I have to march down to the lobby to upload photos at most of the hotels we've stayed in. Everyone happily advertises 'free wifi' but few of them are good enough to be workable! Ah well just think of all the catch up posts to keep you busy upon your return. Try to email me a few- they sometimes get through. Enjoy the trip!

  3. The slow internet is a shame, but it sounds as if you're having a good trip down the Mississippi. I hope to see pictures at a later date.

  4. Hi
    Home to a sauna! Brisbane survived.
    Interesting the birthplace of the Union General. "Smith" certainly doesn't sound like a
    Swiss name, maybe he changed it when he arrived in the US?

    Coca Cola - Well I hate the stuff so I couldn't care where it was originally from.
    Seems all is going well. Enjoy "Nou Oleans" ( New Orleans).

    Looking forward to your "possible" visit for breakfast at Brennans.
    Cheryl didn't know that it was closed????

    1. We are in a B&B in New Orleans, so breakfast is included, but we'll look for the newly opened restaurant (if it is) and maybe go for dinner.

  5. You have gotten to visit some places where we have never been--even though we are not that far away... ha... Enjoy your trip.


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