29 November 2014

Our Final Port - New Orleans LA is next

We're still moored at Nottoway Plantation between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. It's a grand house dating back to before the Civil War. The plantation and adjacent resort belongs to Mr Ramsay, an Australian of Ramsay Health. Last night we had the Thanksgiving dinner here on board. Quite an affair. Then at 9.30 pm they lit a huge bonfire at the mansion which was interesting to see from the American Queen.

This morning, the buses picked us up and drove us to Baton Rouge, the capitol of Lousiana. There we  visited the USS Kidd, a famous destroyer now permanently moored at the US Naval Museum in Baton Rouge. After our return to our boat, we saw a matinee show about songstress Patsy Kline. It was very good.

So, one more dinner tonight and a Big Band Christmas Show and we sail our last leg for 'Nu Olans' (New Orleans) where we arrive early tomorrow morning.

We'll spend four nights in a B&B, hopefully with acceptable WiFi.

Until then....


  1. Good to read your history lessons - the USS Kidd - very good and interesting.
    The destroyer certainly was not in commission for very long???

    Of course you will be able to find WiFi in "Nu Olans" ( my version is "Nou Oleans" - ha ha),
    maybe Hurricane Kattrina is responsible for the name change, eh???
    Anyhow you won't have time for any WiFi business in this city, there is TOO much to see
    and enjoy.
    Now if we ( that is if I was there and we were somewhat younger) we would be too busy enjoying
    the "delights" of Bourbon Street and eating that delightful French Creole cuisine.
    Maybe not too good for our health or pockets, but who cares????

    9.30 am (BNE); Weather pleasantly cool with some clouds, but no catastrophic cell storms anticipated.

  2. It sounds as if the cruise is going well (except for the WiFi). This must have been a wonderful stop.


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