13 November 2014

Making an Impact on Earth

They say everybody's dream is to end up in a Hollywood movie. Well, I never thought I would. But this morning I did land a small part in a forthcoming movie called Impact Earth, released early next year. S-I-L Bernie plays the lead in this futuristic flic about meteorites crashing towards earth.

Bernie had to go to the sound recording studio to do a couple of dubs of scenes they had already shot. He invited me along for the ride. Meeting the director and sound engineers, one of them said to me, Hey man, we can use you in the movie. My answer, I don't come cheap.

So I sat down and watched Bernie speaking dialogue to the existing vision, while the sound engineers recorded and matched the words to the vision. It was fascinating to watch them work.

When all the tracks were recorded, the director handed me the script and asked me to step into the sound booth. There I was asked to read a newsflash in a foreign radio announcer's voice, announcing the immediate impact the meteorites would have crashing onto earth. After a few takes, the director picked one version which the sound engineer then mastered into a genuine radio voice. My name was written down for the credits of the film.

Bernie with Tom Berrenger on screen with the sound engineer looking on

Bernie in the sound booth

Maybe a future star in the sound booth
After the recording session, we picked up the boys and drove to the UCLA campus to see Sonya at work. She showed us the entire theatre department and the various theatres where she works.

Unfortunately I was so in awe with her work environment, I forgot to take my camera out of my pocket.
The UCLA is a fantastic campus

There are some great buildings
 Finally, it was dinner time and we went to the local Japanese restaurant for a great fish dinner.
At the Japanese Restaurant


  1. Wow! Dad that looks like you had a really interesting day! I'm super envious. I can't believe your in the film too. Very cool!
    Love the last shot of everyone at dinner.
    Love. Carol

  2. That's very exciting Bill, I'll be keeping an eye out for that movie.


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