17 November 2014

A Mill In the Woods

After a fabulous breakfast in our B&B, this morning we went to explore the Newfound Gap Road through the centre of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It was a chilly morning about 5 Deg. C. The drive though the forest was spectacular with lots of pull-out to admire the views.

Laurel Springs B&B where we're staying B&B 
The Blogger admires the view

The Chimneys Range
Ice on the side of the road gives you an idea of the temperature
Then there was this white stuff everywhere
The Blogger looks cold
When we saw a sign on the road 'Mingus Mill This Way' we had to stop and go investigating.  After a short walk we came to this interesting working mill.
The Mill in the Woods
I had a chat with the miller, a very interesting man with a very heavy southern drawl. When I asked him if he was born in Tennessee, he drawled, No sirrr, I was born raaght here in North Carolina. Wow, I didn't even realise we had crossed the state border.
The mill was grinding cornmeal
A little further up the road, back in Tennessee, it started to rain, which really made the Smoky Mountains live up to their name.

The 'smoky' Smoky Mountains
After a stop for coffee and cake in Cherokee country, we started heading home to Gatlinburg again. But once again turned off the road for a walk, this time in the rain, to Cataract Falls.

The Blogger at Cataract Falls in Tennessee


  1. Beautiful scenery awful temperature.

  2. Oh I could just cry that we were not there. I'm SICK about the weather for you all--but glad you went over the mountain today... Gonna get colder tomorrow --believe it or not... We had ice/sleet this morning and then it rained her ALL DAY LONG.. Now--it's quit raining but is getting colder. I've been so 'down' today thinking of you all --and wishing we had been with you... By the way, you cross into North Carolina at Newfound Gap... Glad you checked out the milll We love that one... Please keep me posted.... I SO wanna be there...

    Hugs to all four of you.

  3. Gee Dad, that's beautiful forest isn't it! I love the little mill too.
    Can you post a little map too so I can see where you are?
    Looking forward to tomorrow's adventure! Xx

  4. What a wonderful house and I like its orientation. I'm envious of you seeing the mill, so interesting.

  5. I'm glad the weather didn't keep you from exploring the Smokies. I'm also glad the Smokies lived up to their name for you. Hopefully the weather will be a little more cooperative tomorrow. I suspect that The Blogger wouldn't mind if it was a little warmer as well.


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