29 August 2014

Sydney - The Rocks

Last day in Sydney and it is still raining on and off. S-I-L has a throat infection and was told to stay home, so Carol took us to The Rocks for lunch at the Löwenbrau German Restaurant and a walk through the area.

I had a smoked sausage medley

And Dunkelbier
After lunch, we strolled through The Rocks area. It was still drizzling. The atmosphere is very cosmopolitan

 We came across this mural with a set of stairs going up to the road above.

The Blogger and Carol are standing on the steps.

Carol is standing at the First Impression Sculpture at The Rocks

Well, tomorrow, we're flying back to sunny Brisbane. Although it was mainly wet down here, we enjoyed spending time with Carol and David.


  1. God help you - those ghastly sausages but that lovely beer - I'd go 1/2 - 1/2. Skip the German snags,
    enjoy the German beer!
    However your enthusiasm with both is amazing - now just remember your heart!!!

    That area of the "Rocks" looks like at night it could be "cut throat alley" - I bet it is full of druggies!!
    Very wise to do a DAY TOUR!

    Today here (Saturday) is cloudless, warm and sunny. Well that's the 7.21 am situation, but by 8.21 am - who
    would bloody know what the situation could be????

    1. Apparently The Rock area is pretty safe, even at night, so I'm told.

  2. The Rocks is great place to explore. It reeks of the history of the first European settlement in Australia. The markets and shopping is interesting too but tourist prices. The German restaurant was very authentic. It was. Great day out with Carol even in the showery weather.

  3. 2nd attempt at a comment- are you receiving me? Over.
    I'm so glad we made it to Lowenbrau together. The sun came out the day after you left. Typical x


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