26 August 2014

Rainbow Bay

After our camera club meeting yesterday, we drove straight down to Rainbow Bay on the Gold Coast for lunch with the Blogger's former colleagues from her school. This is an annual event hosted by Ann and George from the Birthday Bear Group. They had invited us to stay overnight in their penthouse unit, which we gladly accepted. From the top floor of 'Rainbow Place' you have a magnificent view over Snapper Rock, the ocean and Surfers Paradise in the distance. Naturally the camera got into overdrive.

The penthouse unit we stayed in is on the top floor (14th)
 After a few days of heavy rain in the south-east of Queensland, due to a monsoon, the waves were very high, an event, the surfing fraternity could not avoid.

Surf Board Riders getting ready to go into the water

They're waiting for 'The Big One'

The board riders were out there right up to sunset

Sunset from our balcony
Next morning around 6.00 AM, I went out onto the balcony again to capture the early morning scenes.
There were a few board riders out there already.

In the distance, Surfers Paradise in the early mist

Once again, the board riders headed for the beach

After breakfast, we took a stroll down to Snapper Rock to see the action up close.

It was a glorious morning for the fact that we are in the middle of winter here.
George and the Blogger are walking on the sand at Snapper Rock
By now the seas were very heavy breaking over Snapper Rock, a beautiful sight.

Soon, however the clouds were darkening and we headed home before the rain returned.

Tomorrow, we're flying to Sydney to stay with our daughter and S-I-L for a few days, The weather forecast for Sydney is rain. Oh well.....

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  1. Those board riders just look like seals or penguins getting ready to do battle with the seas!
    Pretty jaunty accommodation, very befitting of the duo "Bohlens".
    Have fun in Sydney town - give my "very warmest good wishes" to Clover Moore!!!
    Like hell will you - ha ha!


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