21 May 2014

A Culture Day

We have Peter and Margaret staying with us this week, from the Hunter Valley. We took them into town today to visit the Art Gallery at South Bank. The Blogger and I haven't been there for some years, we usually visit the Gallery of Modern Art next door at least two or three times a year, so this time we were searching for the old masters and some Aboriginal display.

I had an ulterior reason to go there. We're presenting photos of 'People Interacting' at our camera club on Monday and I needed some pics for that. So while the others concentrated on the masters, I concentrated on the visitors instead.

I did however manage to capture a Peter Paul Rubens amongst the old masters

 And captured another Rubenesque woman near the Aboriginal display

The Queensland Art Gallery is in one of the buildings designed by Architect Robin Gibson & Associates at the Brisbane Arts Precinct at South Bank. Well worth a visit if you ever come to Brisbane.

After we got our art fill, we wandered over to the South Bank eateries for a scrumptios lunch.

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  1. I love the concentration of Diane and Margaret in photo #1. It is more intriguing as it captures of the two of them and neither is speaking - and that is a rarity!
    Seem Peter is at full speed to get out of the "educational" building for something more stimulating for the tummy!


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