27 January 2014

Black and White Monday

Mondays are not always black and white, but this one is. It's a public holiday in Australia. So the Blogger dragged me for a walk this morning around our local park lake. Time to grab the camera and take some B&W photos.


  1. Taking photos is a good reason for a walk. I like the duck in among the tree trunks.

  2. Wow, that is an awesome local park, Bill, so natural, hard to believe it is in Brisbane..... my sister lives to the West so I haven't been your way.
    All the best.

  3. Black and white makes one concentrate on composition and texture so much more. I think we should do it more often to hone our skills or in the case of people like me brought up on B&W to re-visit skills we may now have lost.

    1. You're right about composition, Graham, shooting in black and white.

  4. See it is good fun going for a walk isn't it?


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