16 December 2013

Grandparents Time

We're at Rye on the Mornington Peninsula for a week and a half, spending time with Sonya, Bernie and the grandsons.

We're staying in Weeeroona B & B in Rye, in a fabulous unit. After yet another trip to a local Telstra Shop to get our internet access fixed, we've finally settled in.

 The unit is called "The Tuscan' here hidden under the vines, in a French fashion, all the paintings and decor are of French origin. More photos will probably be on Diane's Blog.

Interesting what you read in Visitor's books, this one in ours. (Luckily from October).

But of course, the star attractions are the boys from L.A.

Granddaddy is discussing world politics with the boys.

While grandma is story telling



A selfie with Fox


  1. How great. Note the different handwriting in the supplementary comment in the visitors book. That is one happy husband, or the reverse.

  2. I'm still laughing. Of course I saw New Zealand and was wondering. Then I looked at all the photos. Then I read the comment. Then I read all the comment. Just so funny. I'd never heard of a selfie until a few days ago (honestly) and now the word is appearing everywhere.

    1. The same here, Graham. I only read about a 'selfie' after our former prime minister took selfles with all and sundry.

  3. Some lovely shots here Dad. Love the selfie!!


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