26 December 2013

Back To Front

I know, I know, I should have done this post before yesterday's, but somehow Christmas seemed more important. Anyway… on Christmas-eve we went exploring Arthurs Seat at Red Hill. We entered "Arthurs Seat" into the GPS and set off from our B&B. It took us into a cul-de-sac somewhere in a residential area and announced: 'You have reached your destination.' Like heck! We'd been to Arthurs Seat before on one of our wine trips many years ago and this was not the spot. As it happened, a lady was driving out of her driveway right there, stopped and quizzically looked at us. I said to her, 'we're looking for Arthurs Seat,' She said, 'your GPS took you here, right?' It obviously happens a lot. We did eventually got there.

Arthurs Seat was named by Acting Lieutenant John Murray when he entered Port Phillip Bay in the 'Lady Nelson' in February 1802, as it reminded him of the hill of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. So Arthur never actually made it to this seat, (whoever Arthur was).

There is lots of information about local flora and fauna

The Blogger sits in Arthurs seat, Arthur didn't mind.

There is a fantastic view over Port Phillip Bay from up there.

View from Arthurs Seat
For Ann's information, it was morning tea time, so we had tea and coffee at the caff there.

Then we headed for the coast again and stopped at Rosebud for lunch. The blogger had a chat with Bob The Builder in the street. They have these strange statues of street art in Rosebud.

When we got to Curry's, the cousins posed for a picture, after some persuading.

(from left to right) Banjo, Jimmy, Freddy, Lachlan, Ella, Fox and Georgia Arlo was asleep 


  1. Well I've been up Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh enough times and I have to admit that I can't see a resemblance although both are high up and have a view but the Edinburgh version isn't covered with trees at the top that's for sure. It sounds like a good time was had by all. That's the important thing.

  2. I seem to remember Bob the Builder near the Rosebud Hotel.


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