12 October 2013

Brisbane Open House

It's the weekend of the year when a lot of public buildings are open to the public. It only happens once a year and we investigated which buildings we wanted to visit. Top of the list was the old Boggo Road Jail, infamous for holding people like the Postcard bandit and the Whiskey-A-Gogo arsonists. Alas, the place is now closed and became a museum. It was worth a visit.

Unfortunately when we got there, we discovered we were not the only visitors and there were very long queus only just to put your name down for  a tour later on during the day. We discovered that the tours are on all through the year, so we'll do it some other time.

It was coffee time and right next door is a new complex housing the Ecosciences precinct, which also has a coffee shop. So we decided to visit that building instead (for two reasons).

The old Boggo Road Jail from top of the Ecoscience Building

Boggo Road precinct from Google Map (left is the old jail)

The Ecoscience complex

Inside the foyer

View from the roof, just as an Ipswich train passes Yeerongpilly

Modern sitting room

Looking down into the foyer from Level 5

One of the labs that was open
And another

The building was designed by 'Hassle Architects', the company, our daughter works for. As it happened, the Hassle Studio was open to the public as well, so that's where we headed next.


  1. As the closed Melbourne's Pentridge is to Melbourne, so is Boggo Road Gaol to Brisbane and maybe Long Bay in Sydney. Or maybe Long Bay is still open. I hope you attended some other open day places?

  2. The Goal looks smaller than I remember it. Great shots of the Eco centre too!

  3. Very nice! I was pleasantly surprised to see your comment on my blog.



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