26 September 2013

Brisbane River Festival 2013

We went to see the laser show at the Brisbane River Festival 2013 the other night. The laser show is repeated several times every night and is spectacular.

Brisbane City from South Bank as part of my present masthead

The laser show is very colourful

The "screen' is set up on a pontoon on the river

A light show is also installed in front of the Performing Arts Complex

Here is a short video of the Laser Show


  1. Wonderful photos Bill, this must have been absolutely' spectacular!

  2. Beautiful evening photos, Bill, and must have been great to see the Laser Show.
    Would have been a lovely balmy evening.

  3. This is beautiful! I only wish I would have seen it when I was in Brisbane last year, very pretty!

  4. Great little video, but I didn't think the show was as good as last year.


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