05 June 2013

For days on a fabulous train

We've recently spent four days on a fabulous train through outback Queensland. The train is the 'Savannahlander' from Cairns to Forsyth via Mareeba, Mutchilba, Almaden, Chillagoe and Mount Surprise.

Here's my video of the trip:

I can highly recommnd it.


  1. Looked like an amazing journey. Loved seeing those cows on the tracks. It took them a while to get off there didn't it? Great video, very enjoyable.

  2. Thanks Denise, it was a fun trip. Four days on this rickety old rail motor. But lots to see.

  3. Doesn't exactly fly across the countryside but it looks like great fun and at slower speeds you get to see a lot more and don't frighten the wildlife as much. Certainly didn't send the cattle fleeing for their lives.


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