26 February 2013

Things Can and Do Change

Friends used to tell me until a couple of years ago, "Yes! You will!" To which I replied, "Never in a million years!"

What am I talking about? I'll tell you.

For many years, we used to go out with friends, to the theatre, to restaurants, on holidays in Australia and abroad, having a great time, enjoying the plays, the food, the sceneries and usually discussing and solving the world's problems. Then gradually it started to change. We'd phone friends, "Hi, we're going to see Phantom of the Opera, want to come?" "Sorry, we're babysitting our grandchildren on that day.?" or "Can we do lunch?" "No, sorry, my daughter is dropping her kids off." We're going on another wine trip. I asked the Blogger, "Are so an so coming?" "Don't think so, you know they have Katie and Damien every Tuesday and Thursday."

On the odd occasion when we did manage to go out ot for a quick lunch or dinner, world events would no longer be discussed, instead we learnt, that Katie, aged 10 has just finished her masters degree in microbiology and little Damien, aged 12, has been chosen to join the Olympic team in road cycling.

On the way home, I'd say to the Blogger, "I would NEVER let any grandchildren of mine dominate the conversation when we go out with friends. and why do they think their grandchildren are so fantastic?"

Well, it happened. It did. We became grandparents in May 2010 with the arrival of Fox, our first grandson, then again last May when his little brother Banjo arrived, luckily on both occasions we were there to meet them, (well, not literally, but we were in the same cities, Sydney and Los Angeles.)

Now I think, they are the most wonderful, cute and clever little boys in the world.

If you don't believe me,  let's go out for dinner soon and I'll tell you about them.




  1. They are adorable!!! We would make changes too. It all starts of course when your friends get married and you are still single. That is when they start saying, sorry, no can do. Then they get a bee in their bonnets and try to match you up with their other single friends. Remember those days well ;). Now I am patiently waiting for grandchildren :)))

  2. Hah! Your sentiments before - and after - being grandparents are all utterly valid and true! And both of your grandsons are gorgeous!

  3. Talking too much about our niece, especially in her earlier years, was something I became quite aware of doing with friends. It is one thing when say the other people are in a similar situation, such as you now having grandchildren and knowing other people with grandchildren, but quite another in our situation.

    Now, I just find other ways to bore people.

  4. I know exactly how this is! :)
    I'm in the same situation as you (my grandkids all live far away) and I'd give just about anything to be able to say 'no, I can't I have my grandkids today.'
    My Hubby always told our kids he didn't want to be a Grandfather. Today he glows when he's around them. He's a happy Papaw.
    Being a Grandparent changes you and in my thoughts - for the better!
    Love Fox's hat! Hard to believe Banjo is this old already - a beautiful portrait shot!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today.


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